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#131: How Todd Grew a $1,200/mo Personal Finance Blog (on the Side) and Gets 20,000 Readers

About the Episode:

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Todd Kunsman, the side hustling marketer behind Invested Wallet, the personal finance blog he launched just over a year ago and has grown to $1,200/mo in revenue and 20,000 monthly readers – on the side of his day job managing the marketing at an employee advocacy startup.

Originally from the small town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Todd stayed local for school where he studied computer science and immediately jumped into a career characterized by remote jobs at the intersection of writing, marketing, and web development. 

Throughout the years, he’s navigated the ups and downs of becoming a responsible millennial when it comes to managing his finances, having learned a few lessons the hard way… and last year, he decided to launch Invested Wallet as a destination to publish all of his lessons learned – with a very approachable, no-nonsense writing style.

In Today’s Episode, We Talk About:

02:33 Where Todd is originally from.
03:54 About his time in college.
[05:10] About his job history.
[06:00] When he started his music blog.
[07:42] How running the blog led more opportunities for him.
[08:18] How much he was making from the blog.
[09:44] How he was doing freelance gigs while working on the blog.
11:47 When he started working on his personal finance blog.
12:57 Why he chose the personal finance niche.
25:41 The best investment he’s made in building his business.

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10 replies to “#131: How Todd Grew a $1,200/mo Personal Finance Blog (on the Side) and Gets 20,000 Readers”

  1. Hey Todd, great interview. Do you ever get worried about the Google EAT algorithm updates? They hit finance and health sites very hard, which has made it much riskier to grow sites in these industries.

    Would love to get your thoughts on this, and how you safeguard yourself from it.

    • Hey Katie,

      Thanks for the note and question!

      That’s where my HARO strategy plays in to add credibility to what I’m writing. Google recognizes my name on big publications or media outlets, i include that info on my site as well, then there is the guest posts I’ve done, and podcasts like this one where my name is on it. I also do not write about more regulated topics or sketchy areas within finance, which helps. So far so good. Certainly something to keep tabs on, but that all helps keep the credibility there. Hope that helps!

  2. Really interesting to hear how Todd is monetizing his site – something I’m working on right now. Love the domain name too. I’ve signed up and I’m looking forward to learning more about finance – something I’ll be talking more about in my Work and Wealth section of my website. Great podcast, Ryan. Thanks.

  3. As someone who has built a site in the personal finance niche as well, I can say that Todd is a smart guy, and he gets what it takes to build a personal finance site. He has a plan, has done the right things in order to grow his site when it comes to SEO, and I’m sure he’ll see even more traffic as his site and content base grows. Enjoyed the podcast!

    • Thanks Peter! Your blog has certainly been an inspiration as to what can happen with patience and hardwork. Appreciate the kind words and checking out the podcast 🙂

  4. Thank You I’ve been waiting to start a financed blog offering affiliate marketing and generate sales.