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Predictable Income and Returns

If you’re looking for a conservative investment to reduce the overall risk in your portfolio, consider bonds. When you purchase a bond, you become a creditor to the bond issuer, who promises to pay you a certain amount of interest for a specific time period, and to repay your principal investment at the bond’s maturity.

Benefits of Investing in Bonds With Us

Large Inventories

Access one of the largest bond inventories in Canada.

Wide Range of Choices

Choose from government, provincial and municipal bonds; investment grade corporate bonds; high yield bonds; strip bonds1 and residual bonds.

Filter Opportunities

Use the Fixed Income Screener to filter and identify investments that meet your needs.

Access to New Issues

You can sign up for customized email alerts for new issues including a variety of newly issued investment products such as preferred shares, follow-on equity offers, closed-end funds, principal protected notes and bonds.

“What are the Commissions on Bonds and GICs?”

The commission for GICs is included in the quoted price2. For T–bills, Bonds, Debentures and Money Market Instruments, a commission of $25 to $250 per transaction3 is included in quoted price.

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“I need my investments to provide regular income.”

Try investing in different bonds through a Practice Account and see how they can satisfy your cash flow needs.

Practice Accounts

“How can I find investment opportunities?”

Easily search for bonds, money market instruments and GICs based on your specific needs using the Fixed Income Screener.

Fixed Income Screener

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